Sedona Trip May 13th 2019 with Dream Wish Do. Booking Form

Sedona, nationally recognized as a spiritual Magnet of the Southwest, In addition to being one of the most beautiful and tranquil places, Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power centre. That is because the power from the Vortexes creates some of the most powerful energy on the planet.

From a spiritual point of view, Sedona attracts people who have made a devotion to grow and become as much as they possible can spiritually.

When I made my first visit to Sedona in 2007, I felt it was one of the most fascinating places I had ever visited.  I personally find the energy centre in Sedona inspirational. If you are at all sensitive to energy, the encounter of standing at one of these vortexes, and letting the energy flow through you can be awe inspiring, it is a place for meditation, silence and inspiration.  I loved the stunning natural beauty and serenity, and also its energy centres.

The Vortexes of Sedona are so-called because they are thought to be spiritual localities that exists on numerous dimensions, and fuses with a person's inner self, which makes these sites the perfect location to facilitate meditation, healing and prayer.   It is not easily explained. It must be experienced.

We will explore Sedona with no set itinerary (as usual) I believe that you and only you alone can set in motion the very reason you are on the journey, and believe me it happens.   I have no idea and I am sure you don’t either why you are doing this journey, but it will become clearer to you as the time goes on.  I will of course be there for any assistance you require and can only say that this will be a wonderful, magical time as always.

A sacred journey offers distance from your everyday life and peaceful time for inner reflection, growth, creative inspiration and spiritual renewal. We invite you to Sedona and the Red road to reconnect to your soul’s deepest longings and discover the magic of spiritual travel as both an inner and outer journey.

If you would like to join us on this wonderful journey, please email Heather on:
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